MUST-READ! How to Wear?

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial



Once you master this guideline,
it will be super smooth,
we promise your lashes will stay in good shape and last long!

1. Trim the lashes
Remember to trim all the 4 corners before wearing it,
to prevent poking your eyelid.

2. Split the lashes - handle with CARE!!!
Please pay extra attention on this step, gently separate the lashes.
Gently rub/twist from the middle of the lashes.

3. Attach
Apply the top magnetic lash to the top magnetic strip of the eyelash curler.
Apply the support lash to the lower magnetic strip.
TIP: Make sure both lashes are curling upwards in same direction!

4. Apply
Place top part of the Mlen clipper close to the root of your upper eyelash line. 
Place the bottom part of the Mlen clipper close to the root of your lower eyelash line.
Eyes parallel to the front and look down.
Gently press the upper eyelid and clamp the clipper.
Beautiful lashes are yours in second!


5. Remove
Wash your hands :)
Gently grip the outer corner of your magnetic eyelashes between your thumb and forefinger, and then gently peel them off.

Magnetic Eyelashes Wearing Instructions